Material Design SlideToggle for Blazor. Component for on/off control that can be toggled via clicking or dragging.

Name Type Description
TValue Generic argument bool, bool?
Attributes Dictionary<String,Object> Gets or sets a collection of additional attributes that will be applied to the created element.
Class String Specifies one or more classnames for an DOM element.
Disabled Boolean
Id String
InputAttributes IDictionary<String,Object>
Label String
RefBack ForwardRef
Style String Specifies an inline style for an DOM element.
ValidationDisabled Boolean
Value TValue Gets or sets the value of the input. This should be used with two-way binding.
ValueChanged EventCallback<TValue> Gets or sets a callback that updates the bound value.
ValueExpression Expression<Func<TValue>> Gets or sets an expression that identifies the bound value.
Ref ElementReference Returned ElementRef reference for DOM element.
Checked changed event
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